Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to Choose the Niche That Will Make You Rich


Given the current economic situation, just about everybody is looking for ways to earn some extra income without having to invest any of their precious savings. To many, blogging is the best solution to their dilemma. To make money from your blog all you need to invest is a little time and thought into choosing the right niche that will help you capitalize on this innovative money making opportunity.

1. Pick a Niche That you are Passionate About

Maintaining a blog involves writing fresh content relating to your niche as well as answering a slew of questions pertaining to the topic. Picking a niche solely for its money making potential is a sure recipe for failure. If you know nothing about your chosen niche your readers will soon pick up on it. What's more you will get burned out trying to keep up the pretense. When choosing a niche for your blog, pick a topic you are passionate about and then work towards making it appealing to the global audience.

2. Pick a Niche That has a Broader Potential

You may be an expert on a particular topic but if the topic is not broad enough you will find yourself writing about the same subtopic over and over again. Eventually you are likely to hit an income ceiling as your flow of advertisers starts dwindling.

On the other hand, when you choose a broad enough topic it widens your scope for writing on several different topics under the same umbrella. This expands not only your stream of advertisers but your target audience as well. Attraction more advertisers and higher traffic will tremendously increase your potential to make money from your blog without any extra monetary expenditure on your part.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Easily Increase Traffic to Your Blog


Blogging can look deceptively easy and one of the cardinal mistakes many internet marketing rookies make is to underestimate the importance of maintaining a blog. You could launch the most spectacular blog and fill it with knock-them-dead content but if you do not work hard at maintaining it you will soon find yourself struggling to increase traffic to your blog.

Increasing readership to your blog takes more than merely posting an entry every now and then. Here are just 2 easy ways to maintain your blog and to increase traffic to your blog.

1- Post Unique Content

Every entry that you post on your blog should be short & sharp; informative & interesting. It should be able to stop your target traffic right in their tracks... literally. Dull, uninteresting posts will only ensure that your traffic keeps on moving and is not likely to ever return. You need to make that first impression count; your posts should be able to hook your readers during their very first visit itself. If you think readers will keep returning to your blog in the hope of finding something interesting the NEXT time, you are only kidding yourself.

2- Post Regularly

Whether you choose to post once a week or several times a week, the key to increase traffic to your blog is to maintain the regularity of your postings. Your readers will get tired of the guessing game if you post entries any time you feel like without any schedule. If they know that they can expect a new post from you every week, they will make it a point to come by every week. However, if it entails visiting your blog every day without knowing when they can expect a new blog entry from you, they may decide your blog just isn't worth it after all.


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