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5 Blogging Tips to Make Money Online

At first blogs were introduced as weblogs, created for personal use just like a journal, needing a web site and a domain name. But with blogging you only need an account with a blog provider. Now you are able find these kind of blog services free of charge. It's as simple as doing a Google search for a free blogging service. Blogs have taken center stage when it comes to providing businesses, products, services, and online promoters the chance to earn extra money online.

A great source of information online comes from blogs, this is just one reason why blogging is such a great way to earn extra money online. Business blogs where created to drive traffic to a certain website, business, product, or service, by advertising and creating quality content in order to raise search engine rankings & increase online sales. To earn extra money online blogging you must start your own blog as an online promoter, unless of course you already have a business opportunity or website with your very own product or services.

Blogs allow you to establish yourself in any online market when you are able to create helpful articles for that certain marketplace. So if you plan to start blogging to earn extra money online I have some tips for you that will help your blog be one of the more productive and helpful ones online.

1) Think About Your Audience

Consider what is on the mind of you target audience, consider what would interest them. The best way to earn extra money doing this is by thinking about what kind of information you might look for that could lead you to a certain product or service. For example if your blog was promoting PSP downloads you might write an entry on how to download games to a PSP. Another great way to get ideas is just surf around and see what others are writing about doing to earn extra money within your online market, but never copy there work - that can get you in trouble with the search engines.

2) Pictures Will Speak A Thousand Words

People love pictures, they make the whole browsing experience worth there effort. There is no need to upload a picture of yourself, its useful to use pictures that relate to your target audience or on the subject in which you are writing about to earn extra money online. Be sure to consider the impact it will have on your readers, stay away from pictures that might insult anyone.

3) Create A Blog That Is Helpful

Remember to focus on the main reason why you should write a blog. A blog is a great way to HELP OTHER PEOPLE, by sharing with them something they don't yet know and very often NEED to know, like how to make extra money blogging. If people feel that you have helped them some how with your blog, they will come back and look for more information, as they have learned to trust you as an authoritative source. If you are also a bit of a techy person, you can also record a video and do what is known as "a video blog". This is a very powerful way to inform people.

4) Make Your Blog Simple

Statistics show that the average duration of a Web Page Viewed is only about 00:00:56. People surfing the internet don't want to be bored by long articles that don't get to the point, give your readers what they came for. You don't want to use big words either, pretend you are talking to a 10 year old.

5) Make Your Blog Interactive

To make your blog interactive you can start by allowing a place for comments or feedback to be left, you would be surprised by how many people leave comments. Another thing that can be very effective is adding some video and or audio right onto your blog.

Blogging to earn extra money can be fun and exciting but they also have there own purpose in the world of internet marketing.

How to Write Great Blog Content


Blogging has often been associated as more of a hobby than a serious moneymaking tool. However, in reality, blogging content offers the perfect tool for progressing one's Internet marketing ventures. You just need to know how to create the right type of blogging content. Once you learn that skill, you could make a lot of money from Internet marketing, whether it's promoting affiliate products or posting ads for other companies.

With that being said, how can a person turn blogging content into something that propels their Internet marketing efforts? First, they need to think about keyword-optimization. To achieve this, your blogging content must contain popular Internet keywords... terms that contain a lot of searches yet minimal competition.

To find these terms, your best bet is to use a keyword analyzer... one of the most powerful tools in the Internet marketing world. All you have to do is enter in a general term, (like you would Google or any other search engine). From there, the keyword analyzer would return even more specific phrases. They will also include how many searches the phrase is receiving each month.

Some keyword analyzers take things a step further. An example is Micro Niche Finder, which includes the "Strength of Competition" field. This field lets you know if the program believes a particular keyword is worth your effort. If the field has a green circle, the keyword is very profitable. If the field has a yellow circle, its profitability is so-so. A red circle indicates that the keyword has too much competition to really make Internet marketing worthwhile.

Of course, regardless of which keyword you choose, the process of keyword optimization is the same. As you are writing your blogging content, you will want to include the term 2 to 5 percent of the time. To put things into perspective, if your blogging content is 500 words, you will want to include your chosen keyword at least 10 times. The maximum number would be 25 times, as anything more than that could get your blog flagged for spam. When this happens, even if your blogging content is good, you lose your Internet marketing advantage since most search engines will de-index you.

On the other hand, you don't want to go under 10 if you can help it. If you do, it won't always result in an Internet marketing failure, especially since some keywords have no websites associated with them. But if a website has at least 100 or so competitors, (when the term is in quotes), you will want to try to include the keyword at least 2 percent of the time throughout your blogging content. Otherwise, the search engine bots may not be able to notice your blogging content, simply because it doesn't contain enough keywords.

Now that you know the importance of keyword optimization, you might be wondering how you can create good blogging content in the first place. How can you balance good blogging content with the basic principles behind Internet marketing? Well, if you can't afford to hire a ghostwriter to write the content for you, there's always the option of using existing articles as a source of research. Print out an article that relates to whatever keyword you're promoting and highlight the important points. Create a new spin on these points when writing your blogging content, making sure you don't plagiarize existing ideas. When you're finished, you'll have engaging blogging content that will work well with your Internet marketing pursuits.

Blog Your Passion Into Money

A Blog is a term coined from two words: "web" and "log" or weblog. It is an online journal or diary in which thoughts, ideas, events, passions, and solutions are shared with others who read them.

What is Passion? Passion is that crazy motivation you have over something. That ready to die for something spirit in you.

The most successful Blogs in the world are Blogs that were created around passions. In other words, Blogging is a game of passions! A monkey is ready to die for banana! That is passion.

Gossiping is a passion. The 7th most popular Blog in the world is a celebrity gossip Blog called It generates over 120 million page views monthly, and earns over U$D 180, 000 monthly.

Let me give us few passionate areas I saw that people are ready to die for: Football, Music, Money, Woman, Man, Knowledge, Gospel, Children, Gambling, Cars, Country, Business, and on and on.....

The same goes with many other passions that we did not even see the virtues in them. We saw the vices and hissed, closing our eyes to the opportunities abound therein.
Before you venture into the passionate game called blogging, I advise that you apply the litmus test called L.S.M. That is: Locate (L) your passion, Showcase (S) your passion, and Monetise (M) your passion.

Blogging is all about passion. Passion is the fuel that drives the vehicle of career success.
Passion is anything that captures your imagination and drives you into action to fulfill that pleasure. Somebody once described bloggers as actors and actresses on the internet "stage", which performs to entertain their audience, and make money while doing so.
What that means is that there are 1.5 billion people that are potentially available to become your audience, if you decide to 'perform' with your Blog. The internet world has been divided into two broad categories: (i) actors (ii) Spectators. The spectator pays to watch the actors.


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